Graphic Design


Our design team works closely with both our clients and our sales and production staff to ensure the signage we produce looks good every time.

Meeting our client’s needs and expectations is something that we value highly at Sign Projects Australia, and the design process is a big part of this.

Whether it is coming up with a complete new brand concept, fitting an existing brand or logo into certain signage requirements, or just providing proofs and layouts using art work your business already has, our design team can do it all.

We can produce concept drawings to give options for the type of signage required.

We also lay out superimposed images of signage over site photos to show our clients exactly how their signs will look at their site, before the signage is made and installed.

And most importantly we provide art proofs for all our signs before they go to production to make sure details such as spelling, colour and size are all exactly what is required before production even starts.

This way we are able to make sure our clients get what they want every time.