Interior Decoration

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From a complete interior decoration makeover to a feature wall in your reception area, having the right look and feel in your business environment is essential.

Sign Projects Australia can do it all. A popular option to give a modern look is our range of large scale digitally printed feature walls. Using high quality digital media, which can be either glossy, matte or have a fabric look to it like wallpaper, our wide format digital printer can produce high resolution images that both look good and are cost effective.

We can print large photographic images or can design patterns and colour scapes that utilize your specific brand and company logo and colours.

As well as feature walls a new trend in signage is Stained Glass Effect prints. This personalised form of signage looks stylish, while brightening and enhancing glass wherever it may be in your business.

Stained Glass Effect prints can be created on existing glass walls and windows or Sign Projects Australia can install new glass in your business where required, to help partition off certain areas, bring colour to locations that require it or add a certain look or feel that is desired.
Something else to consider when looking to brighten up your business interior is Illuminated Walls. Like the large scale Digitally Printed Feature Walls or the Stained Glass Effect prints, these can have either photographic images or patterns and designs that relate to you company’s colour scheme and branding.

At Sign Projects Australia our design team can produce mock up drawings and super imposed images to show you what these particular interior features will look like in your business before we install to ensure that we meet all our customer’s needs and requirements.